A Recently Purchased Investment Property in Need of a Landscape Designer

A client in Winter Park, Florida recently purchased an investment property in need of a landscape designer. The existing landscape lacked an irrigation system, curb appeal, and proper access to the busy street.

The Winter Park, Florida landscape designer and his team started by removing unwanted vegetation and existing weeds. The property was graded and brick pavers were installed to provide a wraparound driveway in the front yard and garden pathways in the backyard.

The team continued by providing and implementing an irrigation design that would minimize water runoff and provide 100% coverage to the property. This was accomplished using a Rain-bird irrigation controller, valves, and sprinklers. A rain sensor was also installed to conserve water and prevent damage to plants and grass by overwatering.

Finally, the Winter Park, Florida landscape designer carefully selected and installed low maintenance shrubs and groundcovers to add definition and color. Organic mulch was placed around all plants to hold moisture and reduce weeds. Shade tolerant grass provided the finishing touch on this Winter Park, Florida vacation rental.

Thanks to the Winter Park, Florida landscape designer and his team of professionals this property owner has an eye catching, low maintenance landscape that will provide steady income.

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Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer