Pool Patio Project: BLG Environmental Services - Landscape Designer Orlando FL

BLG Pool Patio Project Recap: Landscape Designer Orlando FL. Learn how BLG Environmental Services transformed a pool patio in Orlando Florida.

A new client was in need of a creative landscape designer for their Orlando Florida home. They were installing a new pool and needed patio design ideas. This included connecting the home to the pool, lush landscaping for a resort feel, and a warm fire-pit for family gatherings.

The Orlando patio design started with the BLG team shaping and creating paver walkways from the home to the pool. This included a landing and walkway to a side lanai. Real travertine stone pavers and coping were meticulously installed by our master craftsman. This framed the pool and added a rich look.

Our landscape designer in Orlando FL continued by installing a full landscape that balanced privacy with openness; bamboo, holly and crape myrtles created a higher visual barrier. Colorful shrubs, grasses, and flowers were used for lower lushness amongst the trees. This gave the sense of relaxing in a resort pool at their own home every day!

Finally, the patio design was complimented with installation of a custom stone fire-pit. Afyon gold travertine coping was used to match the pool and carry the elegant look. A gas burner including decorative lava rocks was utilized for trouble free operation at any time.

Thanks to the BLG Team and their new patio design, this unique area will provide years of enjoyment for the homeowner’s friends and family.

If you are searching for Landscape Designer Orlando FL for your project, schedule a consultation with BLG Environmental Services to get started today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

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