Orlando Landscape Design by BLG Environmental Services

A family was recently was in need of an Orlando landscape design company for their newly constructed home.  They desired an elegant look for the entry courtyard, privacy for the back yard, and outdoor lighting to compliment the landscape and architectural features of the home.  The landscape design project included decorative pottery, a western red cedar pergola, native trees and grasses, and accent LED lighting to bring the home alive at night.

They contacted BLG Environmental Services for their Orlando landscape design project. Our landscape team started in the front entry with various sizes of colorful glazed pottery.   Bronze trellises were added to guide magenta red bougainvillea up the wall.  Tropicals and ferns were then used for texture and to create interest with the stunning ceramic pottery. Team BLG continued with installation of a cedar pergola to match the bronze trellises. This provided a relaxing sanctuary to sip coffee in the morning and an elegant focal point.

The BLG team then focused on the backyard designs need for privacy.  A decorative metal fence was installed with confederate jasmine for continuous fragrance and added privacy.  Large native cypress, juniper, and elm trees were used to create a sense of being in a nature preserve. Lively ornamental grasses and roses were then used to finish the understory of the trees.

The Orlando, Florida landscape design project finished with an elegant LED outdoor lighting system.   Accent lights were utilized on all stacked stone & architectural features of the home.  Path lights guided guests to the front entry and to the sitting area in the back yard.

With a new Orlando landscape design completed, the family will enjoy years of relaxation day and night!

If you have an Orlando, Florida home in need of an elegant front entry or backyard makeover, schedule a consultation with BLG Environmental Services to get started today!


Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

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