Fire Pit Installation

Fire pits have also been a hot trend in Florida.

A well-designed fire pit installation is renowned for enhancing the value of a property and for more than offsetting the initial cost of investment.

BLG’s custom fire pit design and installation not only enhances your outdoor environment appeal, but also increases your property value. Indeed, BLG invests in high-quality and durable materials that withstand wear and tear and will give you years of service. Whether you value cost-efficiency or indestructibility, we can help.

At BLG, we take care of everything from design to build, so you can focus on loving your home and on entertaining your guests. Our fire pit installation experts conceive decorative fire pits, fireplaces, and seating walls. We create hand drawn or computerized scaled blueprints, including 3D concepts so you can start envisioning your project coming to life. At BLG, we ensure the highest quality of execution and of workmanship when it comes to fire pit installation.

BLG has been in business since 1995 and we have access to an extensive network of stone manufacturers. We gain our clients’ trust by using high-quality, fine-looking, and long-lasting materials that come from trustworthy manufacturers. BLG has a custom solution for your every need, every time. We are experts in fire pit installation. We create designs that not only add a warm, cozy glow to any outdoor space but add value to your property.

Looking for a Florida-based landscape designer with experience in home fire pit installation? Want to increase the beauty and value of your property in a lasting and unique way? Call us today to get started!