For A Residential Landscape Designer in Orlando, Florida Call BLG Environmental Services

With the exterior of your home providing the first impression to friends & family, it’s worth considering having a professional design of your landscape. Hiring a residential landscape designer in Orlando, Florida provides an experienced professional to guide you, ideas based on your local climate, a design based on your budget, materials that work with existing architecture, and a director to see the project through.

You wouldn’t hire someone with no experience to build your home. Hiring a residential landscape designer from Orlando, FL who has a professional certification including years of full-time design experience provides a wealth of knowledge worth the price of any design.

In this age of the internet and computers, residential landscape design has gone to the cloud. Plant recommendations, whether by online design programs or designers who live in other parts of the country are made not taking into consideration specific weather trends. An Orlando, Florida based residential landscape designer understands cold tolerances and how each neighborhood is affected.

Landscape and hardscape materials can vary greatly in pricing and availability. Having a budget and working a realistic design around this, helps achieve goals in the most efficient manner. An experienced designer has a very good understanding of current market pricing including labor to install the project.

Your home has a theme, so should your landscape design. The goal of a residential landscape designer is to have everything look like that was the way it was supposed to be. Using materials, textures, & colors that go with your home’s architecture inside an out, is the key to a successful landscape.

Your landscape is an ever-changing experience. With time and seasons comes changes in form and texture. An experienced Orlando, Florida residential landscape designer directs and helps bring all the elements together for a successful landscape. Working together with him or her helps to make your property something truly unique. To learn more schedule a free consultation with BLG Environmental Services today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer