Why you should hire a professional landscaper designer in Orlando, Florida

Have you asked yourself why should I hire a landscape designer? You wouldn’t build a new house without a plan. Your landscape and outdoor entertaining areas are no different. They need to function well with your home, your lifestyle, and the environment. A local landscape designer from the Orlando, Florida area helps visualize the potential of your property, provides proper plant recommendations, and brings everything together in plan form to facilitate construction.

An experienced landscape designer, local to the Orlando Florida area understands the need to create something that looks like it was always that way. Working with the existing architectural features of your home and neighborhood in the Orlando Florida area is very important. For all my clients, I close my eyes and visualize how everything will look. I see them entertaining their family & friends. When they are looking outside their window- I want a smile to come to their face. When they marry their son or daughter in their backyard, will everything look right on that special day? Enjoyment and visualization are what a landscape designer provides.

You could go to a big box retailer and try to figure out what plants to use. A lot of plants are not suitable for our summer heat or will only last one season in the Orlando area. A quality landscape designer from Orlando recommends plants and materials that work in our climate. Providing shade to cool the house or plants that will help with erosion, these are ideas that a landscape designer can help you with.

An Orlando Florida landscape designer creates an installation plan that shows everything including plant sizes, placement, hardscape materials, etc. When the plan is installed, this makes it way easier. Everything is clear and concise, no surprises or mistakes. This provides less stress and gets you on track to enjoying your new landscape.

If you want to enjoy the outdoors and need help bringing it all together, schedule a consultation with BLG Environmental Services in the Orlando, Florida area to get started today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer