Professional Landscape Design by BLG Environmental Services in Orlando, Florida

If you were searching on “why should I hire a professional landscape designer in Orlando Florida”, perhaps this is how you came by this entry of my blog. A reasonable follow-up question may be why you should invest in a professional landscape design by BLG Environmental Services?

As I write this in my office, I’m listening to George Winston Radio on Pandora.  I love this station, which includes a lot of motion picture sound tracks.  When I design or am in deep reflection about a client’s property, this station helps me a lot.

Why, you may ask?  Because I’m creating a Movie or Broadway show of sorts.  My actors and actresses are the texture and colors of foliage, trees, palms, stone, and wood. The scenes are views to their lake, pool, or a wooded preserve. The sounds are the calmness of a waterfall or rustling of leaves from a tree.  My clients in the Orlando, Florida area invest in me to create an experience. This investment saves my client’s valuable time, gives them access to superior materials & workmanship, and provides a stress-free installation process.

Most of my clients are very busy people, with time being their most valuable asset. They lack the time to meet 4-5 different companies who won’t show up, or get back with them, or who lack experience. I always show up on time.  I visit my clients at their homes in the Orlando area, listen, get to know them, and understand their dreams.  I then create a design plan inspired by them and present it at their kitchen table. I bring samples, pictures, and a vision they can understand.  I guide them to the landscape experience of their dreams – all in the comfort of their home.

Being an FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer and currently in my 22nd year in business, I bring a unique set of experiences.  I have done it all, worked at a nursery, mowed lawns, planted trees, dug the trenches, and installed the pavers.  I am completely self-taught and understand what works and what doesn’t.  My relationships with nurseries and suppliers give my clients access to the very best in materials.  My team has decades of installation experience. We are serious about our client’s and the experiences we create for them.

At the end of the day, it’s all about who is managing your project day to day.  I’ve worked on a lot of custom homes and see the lack of daily management, very unhappy homeowners.  I employee a team of professionals, including a project manager, for each landscape design project in Orlando, Florida. My manager and I discuss and implement your design plan the way it was intended. We perform every job in the order it was scheduled.  We are available to answer any questions and have a firm belief of doing things the right way in the right order.  No surprises, no stress, just a smile when you look out your window.

My team and I are 120% dedicated to you and the happy experience we create. Schedule a consultation with BLG Environmental Services to get started today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

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