If you were searching on “why should I hire a professional landscape designer in Orlando Florida”, perhaps this is how you came by this entry of my blog. A reasonable follow-up question may be why you should invest in a professional landscape design by BLG Environmental Services?

As I write this in my office, I’m listening to George Winston Radio on Pandora.  I love this station, which includes a lot of motion picture sound tracks.  When I design or am in deep reflection about a client’s property, this station helps me a lot.

Why, you may ask?  Because I’m creating a Movie or Broadway show of sorts.  My actors and actresses are the texture and colors of foliage, trees, palms, stone, and wood. The scenes are views to their lake, pool, or a wooded preserve. The sounds are the calmness of a waterfall or rustling of leaves from a tree.  My clients in the Orlando, Florida area invest in me to create an experience. This investment saves my client’s valuable time, gives them access to superior materials & workmanship, and provides a stress-free installation process.

Most of my clients are very busy people, with time being their most valuable asset. They lack the time to meet 4-5 different companies who won’t show up, or get back with them, or who lack experience. I always show up on time.  I visit my clients at their homes in the Orlando area, listen, get to know them, and understand their dreams.  I then create a design plan inspired by them and present it at their kitchen table. I bring samples, pictures, and a vision they can understand.  I guide them to the landscape experience of their dreams – all in the comfort of their home.

Being an FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer and currently in my 22nd year in business, I bring a unique set of experiences.  I have done it all, worked at a nursery, mowed lawns, planted trees, dug the trenches, and installed the pavers.  I am completely self-taught and understand what works and what doesn’t.  My relationships with nurseries and suppliers give my clients access to the very best in materials.  My team has decades of installation experience. We are serious about our client’s and the experiences we create for them.

At the end of the day, it’s all about who is managing your project day to day.  I’ve worked on a lot of custom homes and see the lack of daily management, very unhappy homeowners.  I employee a team of professionals, including a project manager, for each landscape design project in Orlando, Florida. My manager and I discuss and implement your design plan the way it was intended. We perform every job in the order it was scheduled.  We are available to answer any questions and have a firm belief of doing things the right way in the right order.  No surprises, no stress, just a smile when you look out your window.

My team and I are 120% dedicated to you and the happy experience we create, call BLG Environmental Services at 407.702.7905 to get started today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

Learn how our Orlando landscape design company at BLG Environmental Services implemented a backyard remodeling project that made neighbors envious of our client’s Baldwin Park, FL home.

A recent client of BLG was in need of an Orlando landscape design company that could create and build an intimate backyard design for their home in Baldwin Park, Florida.  They had an existing pool but needed an elegant supporting cast of cool green artificial turf, privacy landscaping and outdoor lighting to enjoy evenings by the pool.

The backyard design started with the BLG team shaping and creating real travertine stone paver landings for sunbathing by the pool. This included a landing by the spa and another off the outdoor kitchen.  Next an underground perimeter was installed to support thick luxurious synthetic turf.   This provided a long-lasting foundation for the turf, framed the pool in a sea of green and added a rich look.

The backyard design continued by installing a specimen landscape that balanced privacy with openness.  Blue and emerald bamboo were utilized for 2nd story privacy behind the home.  Bronze magnolias for contrast along the privacy wall with white bird paradise and foxtail palms adding a tropical feel.  Finally, a touch of sweet smelling osmanthus to arouse the senses.

Finally, our Orlando landscape design company installed brass up lighting for the trees and bamboo.  This strategically added a soft glow around the pool that guided family and guests around the pool.  This also added a nighttime focal point from the inside the house and outdoor kitchen.

Thanks to the BLG Team and their new backyard design, this backyard escape will bring happiness and smiles for years to come.

If you are in need of an Orlando landscaped company transforming your backyard into the envy of the neighborhood call BLG Environmental Services at 407.702.7905 today!


Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

BLG Landscape Lighting Advice in Orlando, Florida: Using Alliance Outdoor Lighting Bluetooth fixtures for your luxury landscape.

When you imagine the landscaping around Brad Pitt’s home, you don’t realize it, but you also imagine incredible outdoor lighting. Our team of landscape designers in Orlando knows that outdoor lighting is crucial to accentuating your landscape’s most beautiful assets and that’s why BLG Environmental Services highly recommend Alliance Outdoor Lighting’s Bluetooth fixtures.

Most photographers, architects and interior decorators already know this, but choosing the proper lighting is a huge game changer, and not just indoors! Our Orlando Florida landscape designers know that the options can be overwhelming, and that’s where BLG comes in: We’ve got the expertise in the Orlando landscaping industry, so let us give you some advice for highlighting all of your outdoor space’s best features.

Because BLG Environmental has been in this industry for decades installing luxury landscape lighting in Orlando, Florida, you can imagine we’ve worked with dozens of products. Our landscape designers ask the same thing you do: What type of lighting fixture is going to make your landscape look like the luxury space that it truly is? Not only can we make your outdoors beautiful, but we can make it flexible to your mood: You can change the warmth, brightness, and color of your lights with the tap of your finger. It’s all thanks to Alliance Outdoor Lighting’s Bluetooth model.

There are so many ways you can improve get-togethers and parties with the right lighting. Impress your friends on game day by showing off your favorite team’s colors! Or surprise your loved one with a romantic evening at home, fancy dinner in the garden with warm, dimmed lights included.

If you’re interested in enhancing your landscape with the right lighting in the Orlando, Florida area, we highly recommend Alliance Outdoor Lighting’s fixtures and our installation team will help install them for you! For more information visit: https://www.allianceoutdoorlighting.com.

If you have an Orlando Florida home in need of new landscape design, including Alliance Outdoor Lighting fixtures, call BLG Environmental Services at 407.702.7905 to get started today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

Demo of Alliance Outdoor Lighting fixtures

As we all do our part to be responsible and maintain social distancing in Orlando, Florida area it is import to nurture an environment of good health for both the physical and mental well-being of our children who are now home in quarantine. Read more

Improve your irrigation control system in your Orlando Florida home with a Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi sprinkler system available for installation by BLG Environmental Services.

At BLG Environmental, we’re always looking for products that improve our landscape designs in Orlando, Florida. We know how hard it can be to keep your garden beautiful while we’re away. Not all sprinklers and irrigation systems were created equally. Hunter Hydrawise wifi irrigation control system uses up to 50% less water while still giving your garden all the water it needs to thrive.

What’s the secret? Hydrawise uses an exclusive, free resource called the Virtual Weather Station (VWS), which is created based on the geographic location of each controller. In an impressive accomplishment for recent irrigation systems, Hydrawise uses GPS and local weather readings to predict how much it needs to water your plants. This benefits our clients landscape designs from overwatering and conserves natural resources.  Best of all, there is no risk of breaking an on-site weather sensor because the VWS’s accurate rainfall data is derived from multiple local sources.

Irrigation management of our landscape designs in Orlando Florida can be done via phone, tablet, or computer, and you can view, manage, and monitor your irrigation controller from anywhere in the world and see just how much water you’re using and saving with descriptive graphs. Other cool optional features, like the flow meter, make it easy for Hydrawise to detect and notify you if any problems occur, such as broken pipes or leaks. With a flow meter installed, you’ll know instantly where and what the issue it.  Notifying the BLG team after a leak or problem is just one more chore that Hydrawise takes care of for you. Learn more at: https://www.hydrawise.com.

Let BLG Environmental Services improve your landscape designs for your Orlando home and jump into the future with a Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi sprinkler system. Call 407.702.7905 to get started today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

BLG Pool Patio Project Recap: Landscape Designer Orlando FL. Learn how BLG Environmental Services transformed a pool patio in Orlando Florida.

A new client was in need of a creative landscape designer for their Orlando Florida home. They were installing a new pool and needed patio design ideas. This included connecting the home to the pool, lush landscaping for a resort feel, and a warm fire-pit for family gatherings.

The Orlando patio design started with the BLG team shaping and creating paver walkways from the home to the pool. This included a landing and walkway to a side lanai. Real travertine stone pavers and coping were meticulously installed by our master craftsman. This framed the pool and added a rich look.

Our landscape designer in Orlando FL continued by installing a full landscape that balanced privacy with openness; bamboo, holly and crape myrtles created a higher visual barrier. Colorful shrubs, grasses, and flowers were used for lower lushness amongst the trees. This gave the sense of relaxing in a resort pool at their own home every day!

Finally, the patio design was complimented with installation of a custom stone fire-pit. Afyon gold travertine coping was used to match the pool and carry the elegant look. A gas burner including decorative lava rocks was utilized for trouble free operation at any time.

Thanks to the BLG Team and their new patio design, this unique area will provide years of enjoyment for the homeowner’s friends and family.

If you are searching for Landscape Designer Orlando FL for your project call BLG Environmental Services today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

BLG Project Recap – Landscape Architecture Orlando, Florida. Learn how landscape architecture transformed an Orlando backyard.

A family in Orlando, Florida was in need of landscape architecture that included a new backyard design. The family desired a relaxing setting, privacy for the backyard and outdoor lighting to create depth at night. The backyard design included a rustic brick paver patio, custom linear fireplace, privacy bamboo, and LED outdoor lighting.

The landscape architecture & backyard design started with careful installation of textured brick pavers with a warm neutral color. This included a large patio, walkways to a lanai, and a storage area. Grass was carefully incorporated to provide a play area for the family dog. A small rubber mulch playground was also created for the youngest member of the family.

The BLG Orlando landscape architect and team continued with creation and fabrication of a custom linear fireplace. This included a 60” burner with custom columns that created a stellar focal point inside and outside. Natural gas and a custom remote provided stress free operation anytime. Soft graceful bamboo were the perfect addition to hide a large home behind the property. Dark green standard holly trees also provided mid-level privacy for this backyard design.

The landscape architecture process for this Orlando Florida home finished with an elegant LED outdoor lighting system. Soft deck lights were incorporated into the fireplace and columns. Path lights guided family and guests from the side lanai to the backyard. Up lighting completed the nighttime show.

With new landscape architecture ideas completed for this Orlando home, the family will enjoy years of outdoor living day and night!

If you have an home in need of landscape architecture in Orlando Florida and desire a family friendly backyard design call BLG Environmental Services today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

A family was recently was in need of an Orlando landscape design company for their newly constructed home.  They desired an elegant look for the entry courtyard, privacy for the back yard, and outdoor lighting to compliment the landscape and architectural features of the home.  The landscape design project included decorative pottery, a western red cedar pergola, native trees and grasses, and accent LED lighting to bring the home alive at night.

They contacted BLG Environmental Services for their Orlando landscape design project. Our landscape team started in the front entry with various sizes of colorful glazed pottery.   Bronze trellises were added to guide magenta red bougainvillea up the wall.  Tropicals and ferns were then used for texture and to create interest with the stunning ceramic pottery. Team BLG continued with installation of a cedar pergola to match the bronze trellises. This provided a relaxing sanctuary to sip coffee in the morning and an elegant focal point.

The BLG team then focused on the backyard designs need for privacy.  A decorative metal fence was installed with confederate jasmine for continuous fragrance and added privacy.  Large native cypress, juniper, and elm trees were used to create a sense of being in a nature preserve. Lively ornamental grasses and roses were then used to finish the understory of the trees.

The Orlando, Florida landscape design project finished with an elegant LED outdoor lighting system.   Accent lights were utilized on all stacked stone & architectural features of the home.  Path lights guided guests to the front entry and to the sitting area in the back yard.

With a new Orlando landscape design completed, the family will enjoy years of relaxation day and night!

If you have an Orlando, Florida home in need of an elegant front entry or backyard makeover call BLG Environmental Services today!


Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

Recently a BLG Environmental Services client was in need of garden design in Orlando Florida for a backyard makeover. They contracted us to transform their small backyard and to create a calming and inviting outdoor space.   The client desired elegant finishes to draw the eye and create depth in their small backyard.  This garden design Orlando FL project included an 8ft cut stone fireplace, peaceful sitting area, and a lush landscape for entertaining.

The backyard makeover started with the BLG team creating a patio with rustic brick pavers.  A warm stone fire-place was then installed including a seating wall and decorative columns.   Natural gas logs & burner were used to provide instant warmth for family gatherings.  This also created a stunning focal point when sitting in the family room looking out.

The Orlando FL garden design project continued with creation of a hidden away sitting area.   Brown river rock with blueridge flagstone stepping stones created a fun pathway to draw guests & family to a sitting area. Colorful glazed pottery pleased the eye with a fragrant tea olive finishing the experience.

The backyard makeover finished with installation of large palms & trees to provide a sense of privacy, removing the feeling of being in a box.  Gardenias, bougainvillea, and assorted perennials were used for constant color throughout the year.    Strategically placed LED landscape lighting was included on this garden design Orlando project.  Up lighting on the trees & cut stone fireplace provided ambient light to draw the eye at night.  Brass downlights guided guests to sitting areas and completed this rich backyard makeover.

If you have an Orlando Florida garden design project in need of a backyard makeover call BLG Environmental Services today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

Recently a BLG Environmental Services client in Orlando Florida had a small backyard and needed to create a better entertaining and seating space for frequent parties. Our landscape designer in Orlando FL created a new seating wall, a new patio, elegant landscaping, and a fire-pit landing.

Our landscape designer in Orlando Florida and team initiated the project by expanding the patio off the back of house; new 8 x 8 square brick pavers were installed for a clean look.  A brick paver walkway was also created to connect guests from the side lanai to the new patio.

Team BLG then installed specimen trees including a multi trunk paurotis palm & Mexican fan palms.  Standard eagleston holly trees were also used to provide privacy.  Drift roses, assorted groundcover & tropicals were used to provide texture and color among the new trees.

Our landscape designer in Orlando, FL continued the new patio build by creating a new brick paver landing off the back patio.  A decorative gas fire-pit including lava rock was constructed.  A rounded seating wall was then utilized to frame the fire-pit landing and invite guests to gather around on cool nights.  With LED lighting added to the seating wall and surrounding trees, an inviting outdoor area was created. This also provided a unique focal point from inside the home at night.

With a new warm & inviting backyard created, the family and their guests will enjoy the outdoors for years to come!

If you are in need of a Landscape designer in Orlando FL who can implement a new seating wall and transform your backyard spaces, call BLG Environmental Services today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer