Heathrow, Florida Landscape Design by BLG Environmental Services

A client of BLG Environmental Services in Heathrow, Florida was in need of home landscape design for their 1-acre estate. They desired a new driveway and walkways, a mature lush landscape, and LED outdoor lighting. They wanted everything to blend well with the existing oaks and architectural features of their home.

Our yard designer and home landscape design team in Heathrow, Florida started by excavating the old driveway. 4,000 square feet of new rustic pavers were carefully installed. This included new walkways to access the backyard & parking areas and filling in flowerbeds that were prone to flooding. Underground drainage was also added to prevent erosion and move water effectively.

The Heathrow Florida home landscape design project continued with the installation of mature trees throughout the property to provide a mid-size compliment to the large oak trees. Carefully selected shrubs and groundcover were added to provide contrast and interest. Decorative pottery was also installed near the front door to add color and soften the paver driveway. An edible section was created which included various citrus and fruit trees to aid in fresh juice making. Organic mulch was then placed around all plants to hold moisture and reduce weeds.

Finally, the Heathrow yard designer installed LED landscape lighting on all focal points including large oaks, architectural home features, and the outdoor pool area to bring the property alive at nighttime gatherings.

With new updated ideas implemented on this home landscape design in Heathrow Florida the family will enjoy years of entertaining and artistic enjoyment day and night.

If you have a Heathrow Florida home in need of a new ideas, schedule a consultation with BLG Environmental Services to get started today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer