Alliance Outdoor Lighting Bluetooth Fixtures Installed by BLG Environmental Services in Orlando, Florida

BLG Landscape Lighting Advice in Orlando, Florida: Using Alliance Outdoor Lighting Bluetooth fixtures for your luxury landscape.

When you imagine the landscaping around Brad Pitt’s home, you don’t realize it, but you also imagine incredible outdoor lighting. Our team of landscape designers in Orlando knows that outdoor lighting is crucial to accentuating your landscape’s most beautiful assets and that’s why BLG Environmental Services highly recommend Alliance Outdoor Lighting’s Bluetooth fixtures.

Most photographers, architects and interior decorators already know this, but choosing the proper lighting is a huge game changer, and not just indoors! Our Orlando Florida landscape designers know that the options can be overwhelming, and that’s where BLG comes in: We’ve got the expertise in the Orlando landscaping industry, so let us give you some advice for highlighting all of your outdoor space’s best features.

Because BLG Environmental has been in this industry for decades installing luxury landscape lighting in Orlando, Florida, you can imagine we’ve worked with dozens of products. Our landscape designers ask the same thing you do: What type of lighting fixture is going to make your landscape look like the luxury space that it truly is? Not only can we make your outdoors beautiful, but we can make it flexible to your mood: You can change the warmth, brightness, and color of your lights with the tap of your finger. It’s all thanks to Alliance Outdoor Lighting’s Bluetooth model.

There are so many ways you can improve get-togethers and parties with the right lighting. Impress your friends on game day by showing off your favorite team’s colors! Or surprise your loved one with a romantic evening at home, fancy dinner in the garden with warm, dimmed lights included.

If you’re interested in enhancing your landscape with the right lighting in the Orlando, Florida area, we highly recommend Alliance Outdoor Lighting’s fixtures and our installation team will help install them for you! For more information visit:

If you have an Orlando Florida home in need of new landscape design, including Alliance Outdoor Lighting fixtures, schedule a consultation with BLG Environmental Services to get started today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

Demo of Alliance Outdoor Lighting fixtures

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