Transform your home into the best landscape Orlando Florida has to offer be entrusting your landscape design project to BLG Environmental Services

It can be a lofty goal to transform a landscape design project into a tangible reality if your goal is to develop the best landscape in Orlando Florida but it is a challenge that BLG Environmental is well suited for and welcomes.

Developing an eclectic mix of specialists, jumping between several different teams and specialties, plus inconsistent pricing, can cost you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. So why go to five different companies to work on your landscape design project when you can choose one company, one professional designer, and one team? At BLG we are that all-in-one landscape design company in Orlando, Florida.

While some landscape companies claim to save you money, you might not save money at all when the totals are tallied. BLG offers a completely streamlined redesign experience that could make your dreams into reality — HGTV worthy, but not exclusive to television. That’s our secret at BLG Environmental: We do a lot more multifaceted work than people expect. Not everyone realizes that “realizing” the best landscape in Orlando FL doesn’t just mean landscape design; it also needs hardscaping, irrigation, and outdoor lighting. We do it all!

If you need proof, take a peek at our blog and video posts. We’ve featured many projects, from Wi-Fi-enabled lighting fixtures to elegant stone pavers. Not every landscape design company can work with this technology or these materials. Plus, having only one team to keep in contact with means a lot less stress for you and a streamlined experience.

At BLG Environmental, our expert coordination helps turn your outdoor home aspirations into a tangible reality. We make your wish to transform your home into one of the best landscapes in Orlando Florida a reality come true. Not only will your dream project be more streamlined, but it’ll also be more affordable than hiring several companies. Landscape design projects have several components, and certain ones need to be completed before others. Our expert craftspeople in Orlando are on your side every step of the way and know just the right sequence of steps for your project.

Transform your home into the best landscape Orlando Florida has to offer by entrusting your landscape design project to BLG Environmental Services. We’re committed 100% to your dream project. Schedule a consultation with BLG Environmental Services to get started today!


Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

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