Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi Sprinkler System, Orlando Florida Installation by BLG Environmental Services

Improve your irrigation control system in your Orlando Florida home with a Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi sprinkler system available for installation by BLG Environmental Services.

At BLG Environmental, we’re always looking for products that improve our landscape designs in Orlando, Florida. We know how hard it can be to keep your garden beautiful while we’re away. Not all sprinklers and irrigation systems were created equally. Hunter Hydrawise wifi irrigation control system uses up to 50% less water while still giving your garden all the water it needs to thrive.

What’s the secret? Hydrawise uses an exclusive, free resource called the Virtual Weather Station (VWS), which is created based on the geographic location of each controller. In an impressive accomplishment for recent irrigation systems, Hydrawise uses GPS and local weather readings to predict how much it needs to water your plants. This benefits our clients landscape designs from overwatering and conserves natural resources.  Best of all, there is no risk of breaking an on-site weather sensor because the VWS’s accurate rainfall data is derived from multiple local sources.

Irrigation management of our landscape designs in Orlando Florida can be done via phone, tablet, or computer, and you can view, manage, and monitor your irrigation controller from anywhere in the world and see just how much water you’re using and saving with descriptive graphs. Other cool optional features, like the flow meter, make it easy for Hydrawise to detect and notify you if any problems occur, such as broken pipes or leaks. With a flow meter installed, you’ll know instantly where and what the issue it.  Notifying the BLG team after a leak or problem is just one more chore that Hydrawise takes care of for you. Learn more at:

Let BLG Environmental Services improve your landscape designs for your Orlando home and jump into the future with a Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi sprinkler system. Call 407.702.7905 to get started today!

Robert Burns, FCLD

FNGLA Certified Landscape Designer

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